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5 Signs of a Failing Garage Door

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The garage door works in a complicated way, but it’s definitely a must for every household who has a garage. It’s one of the greatest investments you could have, providing security and safety for the items you store inside the garage. As a homeowner, you should try to keep it in its good working condition. If not, it would cause you accidents and injuries. A failing garage is not safe for everyone, especially if you open it every day to let out vehicle out. There are telltale signs of a failing garage, and they are the following.  

Garage Door

The Door Shakes 

One of the most common signs of a failing garage door is when it shakes or makes creaking sounds. You have to call Garage door repair Edmondright away. A high quality and modern garage door opens and closes silently and smoothly. So if you don’t experience that smooth opening or closing, it means that there’s something wrong with the door’s components. If the door has been inspected and the professionals found a broken section at the door’s bottom, there’s a big chance that it needs to be replaced.  

The Door Doesn’t Close or Open 

This is a very obvious sign. The garage door is meant to open and close so you can easily access the garage. But if it’s not doing that, even if you have a remote controlled or automated door, something is obviously wrong with the system. Even if you attempted to close or open the door a lot of times but it is still stuck or something, you should have it checked by a professional.  

The Door Sags 

If the door can still be opened or closed, but it sags when you do so, it’s a sign that it’s not balanced. Part of your maintenance routine is checking the garage door if it still has that balance. If you suspect that it’s not balanced anymore, you can check it yourself. You can do this by manually opening the door, bringing it to your waist height and then letting it go. The sign that the door is still working is when it doesn’t rise or fall. But if it did rise and fall, most likely its tension spring is damaged or broken. Major repairs should be done so the door will function normally again.  

Door Doesn’t Close or Open Immediately 

Another sign that’s overlooked by people is the slow operation of the door. Yes it can open or close when you want it to, but if it doesn’t do those immediately, something is obviously wrong with it. It could be that the system is damaged, or there are broken parts that need to be fixed.  

Increased Utility Bills 

You purchased a garage door with insulation to save money on the utility bills. But if the opposite is happening, then there’s something wrong with the insulation. The HVAC unit will work double once the insulation of garage door fails. If you’ve been spending too much on your bills, check your insulation.  

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